Excerpt from “After Social Networking And Social Marketing, Facebook Lets You Shop Socially”

Saying that Facebook has become an important platform for social networking would be a big understatement. With the number of users that join the social networking website every day, it was no surprise that most companies and brands have a fan page on Facebook. Having a fan page meant marketing new products through the social networking giant without having to make too much of an investment in marketing, while at the same time ensuring massive penetration through the fans of the page, as well as their friends. So what would be the next logical step for any brand or company? Shopping through Facebook of course! Facebook is now a major platform for“Social” Shopping.

Link to full article:

http://www.watblog.com/2010/08/23/after-social-networking-s lyocial-marketing-facebook-shop-socially/ (by Anish Sadanand)


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