Social Media And E-Commerce.

Online retailers these days are really excited about Social media and how to take benefits from social media. Online merchants are rushing

into using Social Media as the next big marketing thing and yes it is showing some promise.Online retailers these days are trying to build a
social community around their products and thus making their consumersas product evangelists and driving more traffic to their stores.


A recent study done by Compete which evaluated online shopping trends,The study gives great insights about Online Shopping and Social Media
and especially about Facebook and Twitter.According to the Compete Online Shopper Intelligence study, consumers engage more on social networks like Facebook and Twitter  if there are incentives like coupons and deals.


Here are some key take away point from the study done by Compete.In the study, Around 68 % of shoppers  said that they visit retailer
Facebook pages and Twitter feeds in order to learn about promotions and sales.  Many retailers now offer Facebook Fans exclusive discounts
and coupon codes for online and in store purchases.


Online retailers can attract more consumers to their stores if they provide their consumers and their friends  with some special coupons
and deals.The most important point from the study is : “Give them a highly compelling reason to visit—provide shoppers with discount coupons and let them spread some love of coupons”


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