How to set up a Viral Offer Sharing Campaign?

Traditional marketing campaigns get linear reach. Viral Offer Sharing (VOS) by ShopSocially gives you leverage by making your campaigns go viral. Setting up a VOS campaign takes about 15 minutes.

Step 1: Collect basic details about the offer to be published. Prepare the necessary images.

Step 2: Specify the type of coupon and additional text for the offer. You can have a general coupon that is given to all visitors or you can set up one-time use coupons where a different coupon code will be given to each visitor. If you want to use one-time coupons, you must include a separate TXT file with sufficient number of coupon codes, one per line.

Step 3 (optional): Specify how you want the post to appear in Facebook when a user likes the offer. By default it will reuse the offer title and offer description above. However, you can customize it to make it look more personal and catchy. See the example below:

Once you have collected this information, simply email the information, necessary images and a coupon code file (if applicable) to your ShopSocially contact and your campaign will be set up in 15 minutes. You will receive a link from your ShopSocially contact by email. You can simply post the link via email, on your Facebook Fan page or Twitter and watch as your campaign goes viral.

Click here to see live example of a viral offer sharing campaign.


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