How to make your email, facebook or twitter marketing campaigns go viral?

These days, lots of companies are promoting special offers via email, facebook or twitter. However, the impact of these marketing campaigns is always linear, that is, it is directly proportional to the number of people the campaign can reach. For example, if your email campaign list contains 1,000,000 names, you will get 10X more sales than if you had only 100,000 names in your email list. Or if you have 500,000 fans, a facebook campaign will get you 10X more impact than if you had 50,000 fans. Your ability to get sales is limited by the sample size that you are able to reach.

Viral Offer Sharing (VOS) by ShopSocially gives your leverage by making your campaigns go viral. People who get the offer also end up being your deal ambassadors. The initial sample size simply determines the seed of the campaign. VOS enables your campaigns to go well beyond the original seed.

The initial seed for an offer can be created by an email campaign, a post on Facebook Fan page or a post on Twitter. Visitors who are interested in the offer click on the seed post and land on a viral offer sharing page where they like the offer to unlock it. (To make the offer easily accessible to all, visitors can simply bypass the like and still get the offer, but very few people do that). Here is an example of a viral offer sharing page.

Each Facebook like results in a post on the visitor’s Facebook wall. For example, Sidney Blum liked the offer to unlock it and the like post (as shown below) appeared on his Facebook wall. Average number of friends on Facebook for each person is about 130. Thus, each like reaches about 130 friends on an average. Sidney Blum’s friends will see the post in their news feed and they will click on it. They will be taken to the viral offer page as well. When they click on the like button, their friends will see it and so on. Thus, an offer can propagate rapidly through social networks as more visitors unlock the deal. This can make a marketing campaign go well beyond the original seed.

Traditional marketing campaigns get linear reach. ShopSocially’s VOS get the word to spread virally. Setting up a VOS campaign takes about 15 minutes. There is zero integration. You will be given a link that you can send to your users by email, Facebook, Twitter or by other means. From that point, you let your users spread the word on your behalf.

Of course, ShopSocially cannot turn a bad deal into a good deal. ShopSocially gives you the tools, but it cannot make a bad deal go viral. The level of virality depends on the attractiveness and credibility of the deal, trust in your brand, and the demographics of your audience. But, because of the inherent virality, the results of a viral offer sharing (VOS) campaign will always be better than a linear marketing campaign that is limited by the size of its seed.

Click here to see a live example of a viral offer sharing campaign.